Melbourne International Three Day Event

Competing in a 3DE is quite a drawn out process, with numerous horse inspections, a horse i.d. check, rider briefings and arena familiarisation all before the actual competition gets underway. Having been accepted through first horse inspection and walked past the scary judge boxes time and time again during arena familiarisation it was time for dressage. Zone and I did what I thought was our best test to date. He can be quite a spooky horse, who is horse shy in the warm-up and tricky to ride in the ring, so I was very happy to produce a rideable and energetic test. Unfortunately it still lacked the engagement needed to score really well at 2** level, and so we were placed midfield after dressage scoring 60.63%. After walking the cross country course a total of 4 times, I was ready to tackle the biggest course of my career to date at 12.18pm on Sunday. Having not had a great warm up (horse shy issues again!) we had a bit of a hairy moment at fence 3 with an awkward jump, however we quickly got ourselves together and were soon eating up the rest of the course. I was thrilled with how honest Zone was, locking onto all the skinnies and challenging turning lines which have previously been quite an issue for him. Unfortunately we had a stop at 12a, the rails of a sunken road combination. This was mainly caused by me underestimating the difficulty and technicality of the combination and coming in too fast. In hindsight I think he … Read More