Arriving home from Adelaide we had two weeks to recover, get the young horses back in work and prepare for the next event; Equitana and then Avenal HT. There was a very close call one morning, about 3 days after getting home from Adelaide. With the weather getting warmer and the 3DE behind us, I decided to stop stabling Zone at night. It was time for him to be a horse again! This particular morning, I was running a little late getting my morning chores done before picking Ruby, my groom, up from the bus stop. I put Zone’s feed in his paddock and called him over but he didn’t come. At the time I thought it was because he was talking to the other horses over the fence, so seeing as I was running late I didn’t wait for him to come over, but rather drove off to collect Ruby. Returning to the Estate, I rode two horses and was about to get on the third when I thought that I still hadn’t seen Zone go to eat his breakfast, and that he mustn’t know it was there. Zone however, was in his element; a jump off against the clock with cross jumps and show jumps. He was fantastic, jumping one of the fastest rounds of the day, being really honest over the tricky cross country lines and showing lots of air over the 1.40m Joker fence. Our efforts moved us all the way up to 3rd place! I am thrilled with this result which marks the end of … Read More

Australian International 3 Day Event – Wrap Up

The following day was trot up day, and so after I had ridden Zone in the morning, my groom Ruby set to work with washing and plaiting, and getting Zone’s tail as white as possible. She did a fantastic job and Zone looked ‘pretty as a picture’ by the time she was finished. The trot up was held alongside the grandstand and main arena, making it much more grand than any trot up I have done before. Zone trotted beautifully and was accepted through the first Horse Inspection (trot up). Dressage Day dawned and being quite late in the draw I was not scheduled to ride until 3.20pm. With a lot of time to pass I set out on my trusty fold up Aldi push bike to get my first glimpse of the Adelaide cross country course. As an Adelaide first timer it was rather confusing trying to work out where to go. There where white posts and jumps everywhere, but without the white rope creating a pathway (it hadn’t been put out yet) it was rather like a game of join the dots. Luckily for me Sam Lyle caught up with me on his bike and very kindly showed me the way around the course. This was one of many instances this weekend that one of the more experienced riders went out of their way to help me, offer suggestions, advice and encouragement. I feel very lucky to be a part of such a supportive community! By the time I got on Zone to warm up for my dressage … Read More