Sydney International Horse Trials

Having originally planned on riding Zone in the CCI 2** at Sydney 3DE, we did a replan once he became injured and instead I thought we’d go to the much closer event at Ballarat. However as it turns out I was too slow at getting my entries in and so with horses in need of a run I decided to make the long trip up to Sydney, even if it was just for the EvA 105 class! I was also pretty keen to check out the amazing venue SIEC to which I had never been before. So on Thursday morning we loaded up Annie, Geisha and Vanessa Hawkins’ ESB Irish Autumn and hit the road. We stopped off on the way at Oxley Reserve to have a cross country school which was really great as there was a variety of ditches and banks and drops, all the kinds of things which are hard to school at home! After a successful little schooling session we were back on track and spent the entire day on the road until we finally arrived at SIEC 12 hours after we had left home! Friday was the 5yo Young Event Horse class for Annie and as usual she did not disappoint! She was a little superstar, showing off how incredibly rideable she is and was one of the highest scoring horses for the jumping phase, getting an 8 out of 10 for her style over a fence. She sure is one stylish little lady, and did very well considering she is only 15hh and competing … Read More