When we evacuated Euroa to Camperdown HT!

I was very indecisive all afternoon, having spent a lot on entry fees and my horses being well prepped I was keen to go, but equally I was worried about the roads to get there and the rain at home which just kept coming down in torrents! It wasn’t until Andy got home from work (when we were meant to be leaving straight away) that we went for a walk around the property and looked at the flash flooding that had already occurred and finally made a decision. With the house and all the paddocks being on high ground, we decided there was no point sitting at home and watching the rain fall when the forecast was quite good for Camperdown. So we loaded up the horses and were on our way at about 5pm in the afternoon. We ended taking a less direct route to avoid Melbourne and possible traffic build ups due to the weather, but our alternate route ended up taking us through the hills across the divide which took forever in the truck, and we didn’t get to Camperdown until almost 11pm! It was a little overcast but really quite ok weather at Camperdown Saturday morning. We got up early for Hughie’s dressage test. He did a lovely test in the EvA 95, being calm and obedient. I was thrilled with him, and the score of 72% and to be sitting in 2nd reflected his test. It was after his test that I got a message from my groom Ros who had stayed at home to … Read More

Lakes and Craters

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New Location

We are excited to have moved to a lovely horse property just north of Euroa. My boyfriend Andy and I will be renting the property, where Sophia Landy Equestrian will now be based. With almost 100 acres, fantastic horse fencing, and a 70 x 30m arena that we have just put in, it is a great opportunity to expand my business a little. . It will allow me to take more horses in for schooling, while also having room for my young and spelling horses. Previously we did not have the space for this on our property. The arena is not quite finished yet, and so in the meantime I have been wearing tracks all over the place on the lawn!

November update

After a weekend with mixed results at Tooradin Horse Trials, we were back at it again, this time heading to Greenvale for Avenal Horse Trials, with just Geisha and Hughie competing. Everything came together incredibly for Hughie, who led the event from start to finish, taking out 1st place and best performed off the track thoroughbred. This makes it two wins from his four eventing starts, not a bad track record! Geisha did her best test to date, cracking the 60% in a 1* test for the first time, a milestone for her. She then proceeded to zip around the cross country all clear, and jumped a great show jumping round, with just one rail down. She did her first ever event at this horse trials last year so it is amazing to have her now doing 1* without any trouble! She finished just out of the placings. I also took a new young thoroughbred I have along for the outing. His first outing since racing, Woody thought it was all rather exciting and didn’t spend much time with all four feet on the ground, however after spending a good few hours on his back each day he did begin to settle down! The following weekend was an incredibly busy one, with me competing 6 horses at Shepparton (NVSJC Grand Prix Show) on Saturday, moving house on Sunday, and then back at Shepparton with 4 horses on Monday! Not exactly your typical weekend! Woody had his first competition and trot and popped his way around the 60cm and 75cm, proving … Read More