Lakes and Craters 3 Day Event

I was excited to be heading off to Camperdown to Lakes and Craters 3DE, on of my favourite events, at my all time favourite venue. It is hard to beat the natural beauty of the lakes and big hills. It is always a spectacular backdrop for cross country, with a lot of work having been put into aerating the surface. Geisha was entered in the CCI 1* 3 day event (long format), her first 3 day, while Hughie was stepping up to his first 1* event in the CIC 1* (short format). We had a slight issue getting Hughie’s national passport finalised in time, with my vet’s stamp spilling and leaking on the document which made it tricky to get it approved, delaying the process. This meant we were waiting outside the post office in the horse truck at 9am on Thursday morning hoping it would have arrived! Thankfully it did and we were on our way to Camperdown! 5 hours later and we had arrived just in time for the first horse inspection, and we quickly prettied Geisha up and trotted over for it! Needless to say she was accepted. I then spent the rest of the afternoon riding horses while Alice my groom plaited them up. With Geisha being in the 3DE, her show jumping wasn’t until the following day. It was actually quite nice not having to pack up and drive all the way home after a big day. With Geisha sitting in 2nd overnight, I was excited to jump on Sunday morning. She passed her trot … Read More