Australian International 3DE

Tuesday The time to leave for the very much anticipated Australian International 3 Day Event had arrived, and so at 3am on Tuesday morning we were loading Hughie and Geisha on the truck and hitting the road. Luckily for me Andy likes driving so I had a pretty cruisey trip over! We stopped off halfway to give the horses a walk, some water and their breakfast. As usual Hughie gobbled all of his up, and Geisha, overcome by the routine change would not touch hers, so Hughie happily finished it up for her too. (Geisha is such a finicky eater that it has become part of Hughie’s everyday diet to finish her leftovers!!!) We were soon on the road again, arriving at Victoria Park in Adelaide around 1.30pm. We were a little early for the scheduled arrival time, so had a chance to walk and graze the horses before their vet examination at 2pm. On arrival to a 3 day event all horses have a quick vet examination to make sure they are healthy before going into the stable block. The vets take their temperature and heart rate, to check their health, but also as it is good information for them to have as a reference point for the cross country cool down. Hughie and Geisha were thrilled to be let loose in their stables after a long day travelling, and both dropped straight down to their knees for a big roll. (While I watched on somewhat anxiously – the stables were far too small for such exuberant rolling!!!) The … Read More